In the Jealsa Rianxeira Group, we have always been very aware that our growth and consolidation as a company is due to internationalization of our business model, characterized by the integration of full respect for human rights, the sustainable exploitation of resources, environmental responsibility, constant support of renewable energy and the social and economic development of the towns and countries in which it is present.

Furthermore, Jealsa Rianxeira is a company that participates in ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation), whose mission is to carry out actions based on science that guarantee the long-term sustainability of the marine resources and the health of the ecosystem. For this, our sustainable purchasing policy is based on the criteria of this Foundation, on International Legislation, the FAO Code of Conduct and the European Code of Responsible Fishing Practices.

As an involved party and being faithful to the rigorousness that we put in all our work, we follow a series of rules to comply with our sustainability policy:

  • We actively collaborate with the scientific teams of the ORPs (Regional Fisheries Organizations) by regularly providing them with information about our purchases of tuna. All the ships that provide us are registered in the authorized lists of the RFOs and flagged in member / cooperating countries.
  • 100% of our tuna comes from ships registered in the PVR (Proactive Vessel Register), have an IMO number (number issued by the International Maritime Organization) and have independent observers. In addition, the captains of these tuna vessels receive continuous training in sustainable fishing practices.
  • We do not purchase or market tuna from IUU fishing (Illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing) and we fight against this type of activities.
  • In addition to being prohibited, we denounce and condemn the use of the drift nets and under no concept do we buy tuna caught by this process.
  • We prohibit Shark Finning and therefore we do not carry out operations with companies or boats that practice it and/or that do not have a policy that prohibits it.
  • We do not purchase tuna transhipped in the high seas and we do not allow discards either.
  • We control the traceability from the fishing area to the final consumer.
  • Like the entire Scientific Community, we believe that in order to maintain tuna stocks at healthy levels, fishing capacity should not be increased; therefore, we fully support the resolution of ISSF in this regard.

For further information on the commitment of Corporate Responsibility and the rules of Sustainable Purchase of the Jealsa Rianxeira Group, you can download here our Sustainability, Quality and Environment Policies and consult the report of the last audit of MRAG Americas that verifies compliance with the resolutions of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

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