At the Jealsa Rianxeira Group, we have always had a very clear understanding that our growth and consolidation as a company involves internationalising our business model, characterised by its integration of absolute respect for human rights, the sustainable exploitation of resources, environmental responsibility, continued support for renewable energy, and social and economic progress in the communities and countries where the Group operates.

In addition, Jealsa Rianxeira is a member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), whose mission is to carry out actions based on science to ensure long-term health of the eco-system and sustainability of marine resources. Thus, our sustainable procurement policy is based on the criteria set down by this Foundation and in International Law, the FAO Code of Conduct, and the European Code of Responsible Fishing Practices.

As a keen stakeholder and in line with the expectations we demand in all our work, we adhere to a set of standards in order to fulfil our sustainability policy:

  • We furnish different Regional Fishery Management Organisations (RFMOs) with data on our tuna procurement.
  • We maintain and monitor traceability from the fishing area all the way to the end consumer.
  • We do not procure or sell tuna deemed to have come from IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) sources and we actively fight against such activities.
  • We only procure tuna fished by vessels registered on the lists of authorised fishing vessels by the regional fishery organisations.
  • All vessels from whom we procure tuna must be in possession of an IMO number (issued by the International Maritime Organisation).
  • Apart from the fact they are banned, we reprove and condemn the use of driftnets and under no circumstances do we source tuna captured with them.
  • All vessels that supply us with tuna have to be registered and carry the flag of a member country of a Regional Fishery Organisation.
  • We prohibit shark finning and therefore do not operate with companies or vessels that perform and/or do not have a policy forbidding shark finning.
  • We give priority to tuna fished by vessels listed on the PVR (ProActive Vessel Register). At the end of 2014, 76% of our tuna was procure from PVR vessels and we are committed to reaching 100% by the end of 2015.
  • All the tuna we acquire comes from vessels with an on-board fishing observer (either human or electronic).
  • Masters and fish captains of the vessels that supply us with tuna participate in regular training workshops aimed at improving fishing practices.
  • We do not procure tuna trans-shipped at sea.
  • We only procure tuna from vessels that keep 100% of the fish they catch on board, except for any by-catch, which is released live back to the sea.
  • We believe that overall fishing rates should not be increased. Therefore, in line with ISSF guidelines, we only procure tuna from vessels in operation or under construction at the end of 2012. New builds must finalise by 30 June 2015.

For further information about the Jealsa Rianxeira Group’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility and its Sustainable Procurement standards, you can view and download our Sustainability Policy here.

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