The Rianxeira range of canned foods has been a benchmark throughout its history. Tuna in sunflower oil, Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil, in sunflower oil, in pickle sauce, in brine, low salt, Bonito and Yellowfin Tuna belly in olive oil, Squid in its ink, in sauce Américaine, Sardines in olive oil, in tomato sauce, and pickle, Pilchards in olive oil, in spicy sauce, low-salt, Mussels in pickle, in brine, in spicy sauce, in scallop sauce, Cockles, Razor Clams, Scallops… you have the full flavour of the sea at your fingertips in a convenient, long-lasting and healthy container that will keep in your pantry for a long time. So what do you fancy today?


Rianxeira’s tuna, albacore and bonito are three essential ingredients that add flavour, freshness and quality to any dish. Do you prefer them marinated in pickle, in olive oil, sunflower oil or in brine?


When a product like our mussels is born, bred and enriched by the exceptional waters of Galicia, the only outcome possible is an exquisite product of the highest quality and full of flavour.


Rianxeira’s Seafood range is the result of combining a premium product with meticulous selection and processing. A delicious treat for the most discerning palate.


Squid is traditionally prepared in two sauces: in its ink and in ‘sauce Américaine’. Once again, Rianxeira upholds tradition… developing a product in a spectacular sauce.


Flavour, colour, texture, gloss… Rianxeira sardines and pilchards are a tribute to this bluefish rich in Omega 3 and also to the partaker of such excellent quality.